I started my yoga journey with Melissa 10 months ago, 20 pounds heavier, with a recently thrown out back, and a terrible relationship with exercise. I could barely reach my shins in a forward fold, and was intimidated at how far I felt from being able to do a single push-up. I struggled to find instructors I resonated with, and knew if I couldn’t find a routine, I would fall back into my couch potato life as I had the 22 years prior. But (to my surprise) my 7am bi-weekly practice with Melissa stuck. I kept tabs on how my mental health improved after every class. I noticed how my sleep schedule stabilized, and how my sluggishness and headaches at work faded.

And while physical results were never a priority to me, I saw how my muscles were steadily transforming, and how my relationship with my body was steadily improving. Beginning my yoga practice has been one of the most positive forces in my life, a force guided by Melissa’s kindness, empathy, knowledge, and strength. I am so full of gratitude for the tools Melissa has given me that I can continue to use for the rest of my life. My relationship with exercise and with my body are continuing to heal and grow. Yoga is such a source of joy, care, focus, and calming, and is a powerful pillar of stability in my turbulent life. Melissa is wonderful. If you are considering her class, GO.
— Elena D., Graphic Designer, Mid City, CA

I have been with Melissa for several years and she has helped me along my yoga journey every step of the way. Her classes are always accommodating to all levels and she provides enough of a challenge to get you to that next step. She always provides helpful guidance if you have any limitations and is thoughtful of your needs. I have come to love my practice and challenge what I thought I could never do thanks to Melissa and her wonderful teaching!
— Alexander Maki, Speech Language Pathologist, Long Beach, CA (USA)

My family and I were searching for a personal yoga instructor through the internet, and we were looking for someone who we could trust. There are five of us in the family, and so we had mixed opinions about what kind of a person to hire. Whether it should be male or female, younger or riper in age...we couldn’t all agree. The plan was that we all start a group class, and have the hired yoga instructor come to our house, and instruct classes in our very own backyard. So we shopped around, studying the myriad of different profiles of yoga-instructors in our city, and when we stumbled upon Melissa’s profile, we figured that we’d give her a shot.
Melissa O. was nothing short of being perfect! She “nailed” all aspects of what each of us sought out in an instructor. When she arrived, she came prepared with just about everything a novice family (like ourselves) needed: water bottles, yoga mats, blocks, speakers for music. She came with smiles and good energy, and throughout gestation, there wasn’t so much as a hiccup to confuse matters. She was very professional, (obviously knew what she was doing) and took great care in our bodies (making certain we weren’t posing in a precarious manner). I felt safe and “growing in yoga-knowledge” under her auspices. Whether you are a beginner, at an intermediate level, or well-trained, I would highly recommend Melissa O. for your next yoga lesson. She is without a doubt one of the best in L.A.
— Barry Ghabaei, Writer, Brentwood, CA (USA)

Melissa O. is the yogi who taught me what yoga is all about, self discovery. I love learning from her because she puts so much care into what she does and it easily shows. I don’t know anyone with more patience (and a more soothing voice) than Melissa O. She’s guided me one step at a time through my practice, little bit by little bit. Thank you for always being so enthusiastic to share your knowledge and taking the extra time to be a part of my yoga journey, namaste.
— Melissa Martinez, EMT / FireFighter Candidate, Los Angeles CA (USA)

Melissa is the reason I really stuck with yoga. I took a couple of classes in the past, but I didn’t really enjoy practicing until I started going to Melissa’s class. From the beginning, she has always made me feel comfortable, while challenging me at the same time. My yoga practice has really improved because of her great, dedicated teaching style.
— Amanda Maki, Stanford University, M.S Candidate

Melissa was one of my very first yoga instructors and the reason why I fell in love with yoga. Her teaching style is perfect for any yogi, from beginners to advanced students. She is passionate about her craft, endlessly patient, extremely knowledgeable, and continues to work on and perfect her own practice which enables her to keep each class new and fresh for students. I leave each and every one of her classes feeling refreshed, fulfilled, and ready to take on the world!
— Emily Hanson, El Segundo, CA (USA)

Having been her student for over a year, I can say that Melissa is a great yoga instructor because she is able to adapt her instruction around your individual skill level. In each lesson, she would accommodate my fitness goals and needs while still providing that necessary challenge for me to grow. I wasn’t just participating in yoga, I was getting better at it and growing a healthier and more positive emotional and spiritual lifestyle around it.
— Darren Isomoto, Marketing Manager, Fullerton, CA (USA)

I first started taking yoga because the physical side appealed to me and I wanted to gain strength. I still remember thinking there was no way I’d ever be able to hold chaturanga. But with time and Melissa’s guidance, I was able to master poses I never thought I could. That’s what I love most about Melissa’s classes. She gives you the building blocks you need to gain confidence and eventually achieve your goals. I look forward to Melissa’s classes every week. My yoga journey would definitely not be the same without her guidance and support!
— Janeen Sanchez, Accountant, El Segundo, CA (USA)

I have been an avid fitness enthusiast for years, practicing yoga was not routine for me, until I started attending Melissa’s, Vinyasa class, which have now become a necessity for me. It balances and invigorates my rigorous strength training routine. I truly appreciate her care when it comes to differentiating her students limitations and injuries. She creates an open, energetic environment, she is knowledgeable, patient and motivating. Melissa radiates kindness and a generous spirit. She knows when to challenge us and when to allow us to have ease. Her inspirational messages during class, allows for a personal enrichment of both the body and mind. She is a true professional, when leaving her class I find myself centered, energized and relaxed which is why I eagerly await her next class.
— Deicy H., South Bay, CA (USA)

Over the course of 6 months I have been taking yoga classes with Melissa and continue to see physical improvements in regards to my flexibility, balance, and an ability to move with ease. I’ve also recently performed my first headstand with the close guidance of Melissa, as she is a teacher that leads by example and cares deeply for her students. Yoga is truly a gift that keeps giving!
— Trey Johnson, South Bay, CA (USA)

After taking Melissa’s yoga class for the first time I felt like I found the right teacher to guide me through my yoga journey. Going through a tough time of my life and seeing the passion she puts into every class inspired me to keep pushing forward not just in the yoga class but in life as well. Her private classes are a one a kind also, so if you have a chance... take one!
— Fernando L., Financial Investment Consultant, South Bay, CA (USA)

I love to practice yoga with Melissa- she teaches a strong [Vinyasa Flow] yoga class at every level and you leave feeling spiritually cleansed. I look forward to her classes. Namaste!
— Chanty La Grana, Professional Make-Up Artist to the Stars, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Over the years, I have taken yoga on and off and Melissa is the first teacher who has me coming back for more for more, and for the longest period of time! Melissa’s classes are conducted in a manner that is GREAT for all levels and you will leave feeling accomplished and great!

Melissa goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. Her words of encouragement to gently remind you to be patient with your body and to breathe along the way. Take a class! You won’t regret it.
— Aurora Rodriguez, Creative Branding Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA (USA)

The yoga session taught by Melissa [at my Private Women’s Event] was an awesome experience for all that participated. The ladies were so engaged with every move and every breath along with the soothing sound of Melissa’s voice. We were all so relaxed even in just the thirty minute yoga class. The ladies are still talking about the great experience. Melissa gave graciously of her time and talent as well as a token of a yoga mat to raffle off at the end of the session. I look forward to spending time with my great yoga instructor at Coast Fitness and maybe at another event.
— Valerie Robinson, South Bay, CA [USA]

I started taking private restorative yoga sessions with Melissa a few months ago. As an athlete, I’ve noticed many benefits, from my [athletic] performance, to my mental state. My recovery time has improved and my recovery day isn’t complete without Yoga! I give thanks to MELISSA OKABE, my yoga instructor for all of the help. I am truly thankful for our yoga sessions.
— Armando Rojas, Hermosa Beach, CA [USA]

I absolutely loved every day on retreat in Kona with Melissa and Kalina. They provided a thoughtful, fun, and relaxing itinerary. They made me, and I believe everyone, feel cared about and comfortable in the environment that they created. There is no one else I would have rather gone on my first yoga retreat with! My experience with them has made me open and excited to go on many more future retreats. :)
— Melissa M., Big Island Hawaii Yoga Retreat 2018

Melissa is an amazing professional. I’ve had the privilege to work with her throughout different areas and I must say she has that breadth in her personality that adds to everything she does. A very well balanced person, courteous, always wearing a big smile and positive attitude. She always finds the most appropriate way to get things done. I’m always looking forward to seeing what her next step will be!
— Leandro Mattos da Silva, CEO Panchala, Bahia (Brazil)