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Special Events :

Yoga x cryo event at beach cities cryo

South Bay Yoga Instructors Melissa Okabe & Kalina Salvador partner with Beach Cities Cryo to offer a bold event for the NEW YEAR 2019! Join us for our Yoga x Cryo Special Event on Saturday, January 19th 2019 at Beach Cities Cyro (located at:  3631 Pacific Coast Highway,Torrance, California  90505). The event will take place from 3:30-7:00pm and include Free Yoga, discounted Cryo Therapy, Infrared, and Compression Treatment sessions courtesy of Beach Cities Cryo, and refreshments provided by performance tea!

Spaces are very limited and must be reserved by emailing Beach Cities Cryo at (teambccyro@gmail.com) - Mention YOGA with Melissa & Kalina to get the discount!


As Featured in The Media

Melissa has contributed to numerous national online magazines and editorials as a Yoga Expert and Advisor. Read her most recent featured articles here, and make sure to check out the “As Featured” tab to read all the articles she’s contributed to! If you’re a Journalist looking for expert insight for a future article, please reach out to Melissa directly through the Contact Section. She’d be happy to contribute her knowledge and insight and can do so in a quick turn around time. With Gratitude… happy reading.

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elite daily: Making "Weird" Noises During Yoga Isn't Actually Weird At All & Here's Why, According To Experts


[Contributor, November 2018]

"Making 'weird' noises is related to self expression, and self expression is associated with the fifth chakra (or throat chakra)," she tells Elite Daily over email. "Vocalizing your emotions via chanting, expressive breath, [or] speaking your truth, all stimulate this important energy center."- says Melissa Okabe, a yoga instructor based in Los Angeles.

Why Is Self Love Important?


[Contributor, November 2018]

Do you love yourself? What does self-love mean? How do you show it? We asked 25 experts “Why is self-love important?”

Below are Melissa’s top insights…

#1. It helps prevent burnout.

#2. It keeps us present.

Part of getting to the heart of self-care is taking a pause, giving ourselves permission to take a break, refilling our hearts with wellness, and finding self-acceptance for ourselves at this moment….

What the Heck Is Restorative Yoga? 


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a break that allows you to stop the internal and external chatter and rest your body is a welcome relief. Those who practice restorative yoga find such relief—and much more

“Restorative yoga features gentle stretches using a variety of props to support and hold the body in myriad subtle shapes to gently open, lengthen and encourage relaxation in the body, including the nervous system,” says Okabe.


Practice with Melissa

Join me for a gentle Restorative Yoga class or a Strong, Active Flow. Guest passes available for Public Vinyasa Flow classes or Book a Private Yoga Session today.  


Student Testimonials

"Melissa is the reason I really stuck with yoga.  I took a couple of classes in the past, but I didn't really enjoy practicing until I started going to Melissa's class.  From the beginning, she is always making me feel comfortable, while challenging me at the same time.  My yoga practice has really improved because of her great, dedicated teaching style." (-Amanda M., Stanford University, M.S. Candidate) 

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Professional Photo Credit: Kevin Nakasone

Private Yoga


What are the benefits of a private yoga session?

Sometimes getting started with your yoga practice can seem overwhelming. However, with a private yoga session, you will receive individualized attention and go at your own pace. This personalized and custom tailored course will be specifically curated to fit your needs and wellness goals. A private session is also very beneficial to work around injuries, and is a safe space for beginners to learn the basics, stop and ask questions, learn modifications for poses, and more! Finally, I can come to you for an in-house yoga session, and provide the yoga props (blocks, strap, bolster, blankets) and yoga mat.

For more information, or to book your session for yourself of loved ones, contact me today!


As Featured :

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Slumbr teamed up with LA-based yoga instructors Kalina Salvador and Melissa Okabe to share 5 relaxing restorative yoga poses, using Slumbr’s Ara Buckwheat Pillow to help you unwind after a long day...



Excited to Partner up with great local wellness & active lifestyle brands such as Beach Cities Cryo & Performance Tea!

Stop by for our quarterly Yoga x Cryo events, and make sure to try some Performance Tea too! As of 2019, I’m excited to announce I’ve become an Affiliate of Performance Tea! This tea brand is dedicated and passionate about uncovering the leading edges of health, performance and longevity. Through a combination of Eastern herbal expertise and Western empirical testing, we’ve come up with the single most powerful combination of tested, adaptogenic teas anywhere on the market today.

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2018 Big Island Yoga & Wellness Retreat


Ready to Deepen Your Practice in Paradise? 

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Warm mahalo to our Sponsors


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Come Practice Yoga with Melissa on her next exotic Yoga & Wellness Retreat! 2018 took us to the beautiful, Big Island of Hawaii! Reserve your Spot in an upcoming Yoga Retreat, submit location ideas, and Learn More Today! Inquire Below:




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