Yoga & Wellness Retreat at Hawaii’s Most Powerful Vortex



Los Angeles, CA (March 27, 2018)- Yes there are hundreds of yoga retreats to choose from… but how many incorporate the spirituality and transformative power of a sacred Hawaiian vortex? Los Angeles based Yoga Instructors, Melissa Okabe and Darlene Kalina Salvador, offer a unique Wellness Retreat Experience to yogis this October 2018 to explore just that.


Hosted in a Balinese style setting, Melissa & Kalina’s 2018 Hawaii Retreat’s chosen sanctuary’s has indoor and outdoor spaces, set against a serene, beautiful and powerful vortex of Kealakekua Bay. According to sacred geometry, Kealakekua Bay, where the Retreat Space is located on is one of the planet’s 10 major vortices. The 19.5° latitude point can be seen as the intersection between the light body of the planet and its physical surface, and has a predisposition for inter-dimensional experiences as it creates a ‘portal’ or ‘star gate.’ Maybe this is why the Hawaiians referred to this sacred place as “God’s Pathway”.


“The WhaleSprit Sanctuary perfectly aligns with the vision we have for holding our 2018 Yoga and Wellness Retreat.  It’s important as teachers to hold space for our students where they are free to explore and deepen their practice. The magnificent energy of the Sanctuary and the Aloha Spirit of the Hawaiian Island is the perfect place to offer our students the powerful tools of yoga to help them find stillness, reflection, healing, and transformation,  (-Kalina Salvador, Co-Host, Yoga Instructor)


“We are so excited to offer a Yoga and Wellness Retreat in this special energetic space, blending Hawaii’s natural beauty and ancient traditions. Yoga is a practice that has the power to transform us from the inside out, and hope that our students receive healing, love, wisdom, and transformative energy from the land during this journey.” (- Melissa Okabe, Co-Host, Yoga Instructor)


Melissa & Kalina’s 2018 Hawaii Yoga Retreat will be held on Thursday October 4th - Monday October 8th at The WhaleSpirit Sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii. Spaces are limited to 15 people maximum. Sponsorship provided by: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography (; Melomatic (; Quest Nutrition ( ); Beach Cities Cryo (; Living Veg ( )


About Melissa: Melissa completed her 500 hour professional yoga teacher training at YogaWorks Los Angeles, apprenticing with Senior Yoga Instructor David Lynch. She teaches Vinyasa Flow & Restorative Yoga Classes, Workshops, and Privates at Various Studios & Corporate Locations in Los Angeles. She hopes to blend her love for yoga, travel and culture, in expanding her teaching reporatoire to international audiences in the future. Learn more about Melissa on her Website: or connect on Instagram @melissao_yoga


About Kalina: Darlene “Kalina” Salvador has been a certified Personal Trainer (National Association of Sports Medicine) for over 14 years, and is a 500 hour certified YogaWorks Instructor.  She has studied with many teachers with different yoga styles and philosophies. With a focus on alignment and integrity in every pose she strives to inspire students to live healthier lives through instilling enjoyable physical movement, breathwork and meditation.  She teaches Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, and Prenatal Yoga Classes, including incorporating essential oils into the practice. Kalina offers Personal Training and Private Yoga instructions within the Los Angeles area. Learn more about Kalina on her Website: or connect on Instagram @kalina247

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For More Information, please contact: Melissa Okabe, or Darlene Kalina Salvador,

Melissa & Kalina's Hawaii Yoga Retreat 2018